Pumpkin Spice Macarons

This is what happens when your oven is too hot at higher elevation.I like to add just a bit more of the delicious pumpkin buttercream than the average macaron maker.I grated fresh nutmeg and sifted cinnamon on top for a nice natural pumpkin spicy touch!  Eat your heart out Mike!  Recipes to follow

Back in Big D

I had a blast with my good friends gathering for this happy hour reunion at Parliament.  It couldn’t have gone better than this and everyone showed up just to see me!  I sure missed these guys but not particularly the Dallas lifestyle. LauraAndyChristina By night… With the full work day, 4 hour drive, and partying since 5pm,…


I have compiled three visits from both boutique cafes to show you how amazing this bakery is.  Enjoy salivating over these decadent desserts! They make a mean Flat White!