John Denver Sanctuary 

This precious gem of Aspen is a peaceful and serene spot for meditation and reflection.  We stumbled upon it behind our lovely brunch spot (on Hotel Jerome patio) during a cloudy walk through town on our final day in Aspen.           I just realized he died on my 15th birthday…           …

Grand Prismatic Spring!!

This spot along with many others in Yellowstone is quite a spectacle!  The array of colors is an incredibly amazing sight.

Artist Point in Yellowstone

The picturesque ‘Artist Point’ is a palisade of cliffs on the south rim of the ‘Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone’ forming this astonishing view of the waterfall canyon. A closer view from Uncle Tom’s Trail Round-tailed Ground Squirrels?

Crater Lake National Park

  Drove the entire perimeter of the park and stopped to photograph almost every angle of the beautiful sight.  My favorite part was the steep hike straight down to the water to a big rock where tourists stopped to enjoy a dip into the frigid water by leaping off of the rocks.  One brave guy even…

The Columbia Icefields Parkway to Jasper National Park

THIS was a drive of a lifetime from Banff to Jasper.  The Columbia Icefields Parkway was filled with the most breathtaking sights from pristine mountain lakes to ancient glaciers and infinite flora and fauna.  I would have to say that this unique 180 mile stretch from Banff National Park to Jasper National Park  is essentially…

The Badlands

The Lakota Indian Tribe gave this land its name, “Mako Sica,” meaning “land bad.”  Our first impression of this place was that it was an amazing yet eerie sight with little signs of humankind or animal life for that matter. Our initial idea regarding no breathing life changed moments later when we entered the Badlands…

Coyotes interrupting our elk watching

Stopped Rocky Mountain Elk watching to listen to the communication between two coyotes, very suspenseful Then all of sudden I spotted the coyote from behind us and we captured him running to his friend/lover (we don’t know?)