One of my favorite towns I passed through while in Oregon last fall was this little town.  Sisters, Oregon is a warm and friendly small country-western town in Deschutes County.  It is set in the perfect location just near Bend, Deschutes National Forest, and only a scenic 2 hour drive from Crater Lake NP.

Deschutes Brewery!

ONE of my all time favorites…tasty bar food and beyond.  Of course the beers were great–it is Deschutes after all!  It was so fun that I went to two different locations.  I checked out the brew pub and the brewery where I got plenty of souvenirs.  

Crater Lake National Park

  Drove the entire perimeter of the park and stopped to photograph almost every angle of the beautiful sight.  My favorite part was the steep hike straight down to the water to a big rock where tourists stopped to enjoy a dip into the frigid water by leaping off of the rocks.  One brave guy even…

The Oregon Coast

I love this hemmed in hollow of a path leading out to Ecola State Park.My first view of Cannon BeachA local Cannon Beach brewery where I tried the Blackberry BeautyI drove on over to Astoria to check out a couple more breweries.  I decided to keep it to a light sampler of three with a…

Timberline Lodge at Mount Hood

A great thriller by Stephen King used this lodge to shoot many of their aerial scenes over 30 years ago.  I didn’t even know until I saw these bits of hotel history on the wall.  After learning this, the place felt kind of creepy.  I loved that I stumbled upon it though! Mt. Hood up…