Neder Nederland

You’ll find a treasure if you stay there… A breathtaking drive on the way to the trail head    The trail to Crater Lakes – James Peak Wilderness Follow Crater Lakes Trail as it climbs steeply for a mile and crosses the narrow spit of land between the two main lakes.  We took a 6 mile trail because…

Hiking around Crystal Lake

No Jason Voorhees here…just some beautiful mountains and crystal green shorelines  There must be a mysterious story behind this package.  I bet it fell out of a crashing plane and obviously never made it to its destination in Carson City coming all the way from WV, hmmmm… This is about the time we lost our trail back…

Heirloom Tomato Tart with Butternut Squash Soup

Heirloom tomatoes with a ricotta Parmesan filling topped with basil and pesto on a buttery crust  Cored butternut squash and sweet potatoes roasted with butter and salt n pepper baked at 400 for 1 hour or until knife easily inserts into a tender flesh Granny Smith Apple and onion chopped and sauteed lightly in butter…

Ojai hike and a day of California culture

Today was a fun yet long and exhausting day…  I started the day out at 7:30am with my new (beans hand delivered yesterday after pre-ordering it Sunday from the farmer’s market!) Organic Peruvian roasted Centri Coffee.  I filled my mug to go, packed a day pack and beach bag,  and headed for the trail head….

Sunwapta Falls

This waterfall was off of Icefields Parkway in Canada. The turbulent river/falls derives from the massive Athabasca Glacier pictured in a previous post. We stopped here to have a picnic while enjoying the panoramic view and the big yummy quiche–that took all night long to cook:)