Paramount Pictures Mountain?

We stopped to snap some photos of little Wild Goose Island again but this time with a different point of view.  We were told that this is the mountain from Paramount Pictures  logo…so we all got our pictures taken with it.


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2 Responses to Paramount Pictures Mountain?

  1. Laura Domela says:

    Well. Here’s a bit of cool trivia: my grandfather (Jan Domela) worked for Paramount and painted one of the Paramount mountain images. More info about him here (including the Paramount mountain logo paintings):

    There’s been a lot of speculation about which mountain it was, and I have several of his paintings of mountains that all look kinda like it. The man who started Paramount (William Wadsworth Hodkinson) came up with the logo and he was originally from Ogden, Utah. Some believe Hodkinson’s inspiration for the logo was Ben Lomond Peak.

    But now, I think I shall ask my dad if he remembers if it was a specific mountain, or an amalgamation of several mountains. 🙂


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