The New Orleans of Colombia

Only two things went wrong on our first trip together during our 8 days in Colombia, South America: mice men Mice and men made for more entertaining stories on this trip.  I am getting to the mice on this post; bad men will come into play in Medellin. Let’s begin with what went right, choosing…

Celebrating the Fourth on Chesapeake Bay

A peek at the Fourth of July celebrations we had at the Kennedy’s…every mother at the house that day was pregnant! Random brownie loving baby from the neighborhood Kaitlyn and her mommy

Reminiscing about Belize

On our way to Ambergris Caye via bumpy boat ride My room with a private kitchen in addition to the full bathroom! Infinity pool was right outside my bedroom located just among the sandy beach under the coconut trees Our fishing trip complete with CHEF fishing guides! Bad A** fishing guide number 1: We snorkled with…

Ojai hike and a day of California culture

Today was a fun yet long and exhausting day…  I started the day out at 7:30am with my new (beans hand delivered yesterday after pre-ordering it Sunday from the farmer’s market!) Organic Peruvian roasted Centri Coffee.  I filled my mug to go, packed a day pack and beach bag,  and headed for the trail head….

Rasar State Park

This is our new home for a few days…where rainforest meets the highlands A snack of strawberries and cream while relaxing in the hammock tucked in the trees Green toes and matching pitcher Hemmed in trail with swampy looking tree ferns We were more than impressed with this campground  Just check out the secret beach…