Pumpkin Ice Cream and more…

Cyrus and I are in the middle of closing on our first house in Evergreen, CO–a mountain home!  I thought it would be nice to make a special dinner to celebrate.  We made it to the next step in the process–time for the appraisal next week (crossing our fingers!). Last night I prepared the pumpkin custard…

A relaxing evening with a couple of Steelhead Porters

Took my dog on a walk on this beautiful day, then went to try out a short hike on Turkey Mountain. Afterwards, I rewarded myself with trying a new porter while cleaning my brother’s condo. He just moved to South Carolina:( …then another to help me relax when I got home. Anyway, it was hard…

Colorado knows how to brew

Yeti Imperial Stout from Great Divide Brewing Co is the creamiest best flavored stout I’ve tried in months. I liked it so much I couldn’t wait even for a quick photo before drinking down almost half of it. I actually can’t remember trying a better beer than this one ever–must try.

Amy squared

Enjoying a California Oatmeal Stout (found one!) catching up with my good friend Amie. Nice surprise to have Wink (popular small very chill Tulsa band) here with us on the patio along with the nice cool breeze…ahh lovely evening.

Flathead Brewery

We are always quick to try the various Porters and Stouts first. Second (aka final) round, I did the sampler to see what their IPA (abv 8.6!!), Belgium, and Belgium-with added Ginger & Lemon grass beer tasted like.