Spearfish Canyon

The beautiful Roughlock Falls

Salute to my brother and Cassie!

Here we are at our new spot in charming little Spearfish for the week or so. Tonight we cracked open one of the good bottles to enjoy with our homemade pizza in honor of Brad and Cassie’s announcement today. They’re getting married!! I’m happy to know I’ll be gaining another lovely sister thanks to my…

Farewell Blue Bell Lodge breaky

Thought I’d make something healthy for breakfast to send us on the road;). Cyrus just loves it when I make stuff that is so good for us like these delicious Beignets

For all of you “Dances with Wolves” fans out there…

I stumbled upon this place that happens to house the Dances with Wolves film set while out on a morning run next to the rv site here in Fort Hayes, a western town in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  I found some nice blacksmith merchants that gave me a courtesy knife sharpening and made…

Harney Peak

Today we decided to hike up to Harney Peak and climbed to an elevation of 7,242 feet! We trekked over 6.5 miles by the end (Cyrus over about 11–I’ll explain). It was exciting, a rush of energy, a fun sort of a challenge for me being moderate in difficulty—not a piece of cake—but I did…

Lunch time!

Cyrus got me a new tart/quiche pan yesterday in Rapid City so had to try it out today. See the new pretty blue pan in the the top photo! In this picture you can see a close up of my new Thermos mug we also bought yesterday.  This keeps liquids hot for up to 5…

Ohhh my… a snake!

We ran across a couple more interesting wildlife on Iron Mountain Rd. that we hadn’t seen yet just before approaching Pigtail Road on our way to Mount Rushmore. This awesome snake was one of them and our favorite, the burro!

Mount Rushmore

Here is Cyrus scoping out the official map he will soon be adding to his collection

Feeding sweet Burro

This lonesome Burro came dashing up to our car “Hee hee hawing” not letting us pass until we gave him a few minutes of our time…and our seeds.  Unfortunately, we did not have his supposed favorite snack–carrots:(  Sunflower seeds seemed to do the trick though!