Let the Blood Moon Begin

I wish I would’ve had my camera earlier but didn’t think it would work this well.  I began watching at about 7:15 last night and then went home to get my camera around 8:15 realizing I could then experience it at my place.  I started shooting pictures at the partial umbral eclipse phase, up until the…

Crazy sunset run

An intermittently rainy day has made for an interesting sunset this evening. This is by far the best location for sunsets in Tulsa.

Sunset from the balcony

Interestingly enough there is a law/rule that no buildings can over tower the tallest churches here in Charleston. Somehow these condominiums where I stayed were an exception majestically gazing over the beautiful harbor.

Rasar State Park

This is our new home for a few days…where rainforest meets the highlands A snack of strawberries and cream while relaxing in the hammock tucked in the trees Green toes and matching pitcher Hemmed in trail with swampy looking tree ferns We were more than impressed with this campground  Just check out the secret beach…