Sawtooth National Forest in Sun Valley

I couldn’t let it go unsaid how much I appreciated the area of Sun Valley.  The little towns of Ketchum, Sun Valley, Stanley, and Salmon make up a beautiful area.  I stumbled upon the well known Sawtooth Brewery and a symphony concert that evening at the colorful Sun Valley Inn and Lodge.  I could have…

Beryl’s Beer Co.

This brewery has some great aged beer options and a pleasant atmosphere with the friendliest service.  Enjoyed the Dry Hopped Pale Ale sample as well. With the open garage door entrance, you get the best of both worlds here–shelter from the weather on the not so perfect days whilst enjoying Beryls Beer over whiffs of the fresh mountain air….

Durango Unchained

Almost there! Streets are all cleared in preparation for the legendary mountain biking race called Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. Baby Bicycle Classic: this was just moments before this toddler on the right crashed as he was attempting the turn and balled his little lungs out, haha…I mean poor little fella.           Dead on this end.  All the…

Karbach Brewery

Where: Houston, TX Beer of choice: Hellfighter Bourbon Barrel–Extra Aged Imperial Porter Ale (small batch) ABV: around 10% ish

Sam Adams Brewery Tour

Hops Tried my first IPL. Have you ever had or seen an IPL? This juice glass was filled up with three different samples 6-7 times! Since our table only had four people we got to finish off the pitchers. This little juice glass is a nice complimentary souvenir.

The Dillon Dam Brewery

Since the blizzard like conditions subsided for a bit, I decided to check out brewery number two for this trip. After all, it was only three miles from my hotel. Look closely, and you’ll discover the pretty icicles. I chose the McLuhr’s Irish Stout The menu looked appealing for dinner, but I have a house…


About this brewery…because of Oklahoma’s laws, there are disappointingly no tastings or tours allowed here or something absurd. I guess I’ve just been spoiled up in the northeast. Anyway, there hasn’t been a Tulsa based production brewery since 1942 before Marshall Brewing Company!! After going on about how eager I was to try their porter…

Flathead Brewery

We are always quick to try the various Porters and Stouts first. Second (aka final) round, I did the sampler to see what their IPA (abv 8.6!!), Belgium, and Belgium-with added Ginger & Lemon grass beer tasted like.  

Tamarack Brewery is not only in Missoula…

Here we are in Lakeside at another Tamarack Brewery just near our campsite along Flathead Lake. What a nice first day back in Montana having drinks and dinner in a beautiful little Lakeside town after a long hard week:) Thanks Cyrus!